About Miss Lily White

An avid stylist from a young age, I was always playing with scraps of fabric and Nana's old clothes in my dress up box.

Keen to get on a sewing machine, Nana finally allowed me on her old Singer knee lever machine when I was 7. From that moment on, every dog in our family was dolled up and pushed in the big old vintage family pram, up and down the driveway.

I did many sewing courses after school, and sewed as much as possible in my spare time. When I finished High School, I studied Clothing Production and found I was heavily influenced by Old Hollywood.

Having won many fashion, style and beauty awards, I launched 'Miss Lily White' the label in 2015, confident I could share my love of floral prints, lace and headwear with the world.

Nothing brings me greater pleasure than seeing a stranger enjoying my work!

Now sewing commercially for myself, I am VERY excited to soon launch "The Lily Pad", my rolling boutique, and "Miss Lily's Sewing School" to teach the dying art of sewing.